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Academic regulations are established by the University to maintain and enforce academic standards, and are rigorously adhered to. Petitions are requests for an exception to an academic rule or deadline, and are only granted under special and unique circumstances. Any student has the right to petition to waive a regulation. The University similarly has the right to disapprove any petition on the grounds that the circumstances are not compelling enough to warrant an exception to the established regulation.

After consulting with your adviser, you must file your petition with the dean of your school (see below). The request must be in writing and you must document the extraordinary circumstances that necessitate the petition. The dean may approve or deny the petition, after which it is forwarded to the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs for a final decision.

Exemptions from a rule are generally granted only once, so you must fully consider all ramifications of your action. Approval of an academic petition does not result in any corresponding financial credit or refund. Such requests must be filed with the University Cashier and Billing Office/Collections. For more information, please contact 516.877.3270.

Any student petition for retroactive action must be submitted within one academic calendar year. Any student petition requesting a medical withdrawal must be submitted during the semester to which it applies.

Depending on your academic department, your petition should be forwarded to the appropriate dean, as listed below.

Honors College
Richard Garner
Earle Hall
p - 516.877.3800
e -

ABLE Program
Shawn O'Riley
Hagedorn Hall of Enterprise, Room 201H
p - 516.877.3400
e -

Emily Wilson
Assistant Director
Hagedorn Hall of Enterprise, Room 201H
p - 516.877.3400
e -

College of Arts and Sciences
Ruth McShane
Assistant Dean
Science Building, Room 127
p - 516.877.4121
e -

Derner Institute

Jacques P. Barber
Hy Weinberg, Room 301
p - 516.877.4806
e -

J. Christopher Muran

Associate Dean,
Postgraduate Programs & Ph.D. Programs
Hy Weinberg Center, Room 303
p - 516.877.4803

Errol Rodriguez
Assistant Dean,
Director of Masters Program

Hy Weinberg Center, Room 320
p - 516.237.8572
e -

Francine Conway
Associate Professor,
Chair of Undergraduate Department

Blodgett Hall, Room 212A
p - 516.877.4752
e -

School of Education
Patricia Ann Marcellino
Interim Assoc. Dean for Academic Affairs
Harvey Hall, Room 110
p - 516.877.4090
e -

College of Nursing and Public Health
Patrick Coonan
Alumnae Hall, Room 220
p - 516.877.4511
e -

Stephen Holzemer
Associate Dean
Alumnae Hall, Room 212
p - 516.877.4565
e -

Jane White
Associate Dean
Alumnae Hall, Room 216
p - 516.877.4599
e -

School of Social Work
Andrew Safyer
Social Work Building,
Room 201
p – 516.877.4345
e – 

Sergio Argueta
Director of Undergraduate Social Work
Social Work Building, Room 225
p – 516.877.4362
e –

Bradley D. Zodikoff
Associate Dean
Social Work Building, Room 221
p - 516.877.4439
e -

A. Rodriguez
Student Affairs Coordinator
p - 516.877.4407

School of Business

Brian Rothschild
Assistant Dean
Hagedorn Hall of Enterprise, Room 121
p - 516.877.4684
e -

For additional information, please contact:

Office of Academic Services and Retention
Levermore Hall, Room 303

p - 516.877.3150
f - 516.877.3141

Monday - Thursday: 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
*extended hours during registration periods*
Friday: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Summer/Winter or when classes are not in session: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

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