First Year Courses

Your introduction to University academics and Adelphi student life.

Please note that students who enroll in a particular seminar must also register for the corresponding one-credit FOrE class. This requirement allows each student to get to know a group of students well—a process that, research has shown, helps students adjust to and succeed in college.

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First Year Seminar

One of the most exciting and intellectually challenging aspects of your first year at Adelphi will be your First Year Seminar (FYS). Each year faculty from across the university create seminar courses on topics we are passionate about. We design these three-credit seminars to exemplify how members of the academic community think about interesting ideas and problems. Although the topics cover a wide range of human knowledge and research, each seminar gives you practice in taking responsibility for your own learning as you participate in the exchange of ideas that distinguishes collegiate education. Expect to challenge and to be challenged, to learn, share, and teach what you know among a tightly-knit community of seminar participants.

All seminars focus on reading college-level theoretical and primary material and learning to consider the underlying questions, implications, connections and significance of the ideas you find there. Along the way, seminar participants become the teachers as you lead class discussions and give presentations on the ideas you will develop during the semester. This focus on reading, writing and speaking well in public reflects our belief that such skills are crucial both to success in college and to effective citizenship and leadership.

First-Year Student Orientation Experience

Connected with every FYS is a one-credit First-Year Student Orientation Experience (FOrE). This course is designed to acquaint students with the facilities and services that Adelphi offers students. It also will inform you of, and provide an opportunity for discussion about Adelphi’s expectations of you. Even after summer orientation, first year students often have questions about Adelphi’s regulations, course requirements and expectations, about the many offices, support services, and other resources available to you, as well as about simply adjusting to college.

The course provides students with the opportunity to talk with the faculty or staff member teaching it, with an experienced Adelphi student (called the PAL, for Peer Assistant Leader), and with fellow students about these aspects of college life.


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