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Cover of "Academic Adelphi: Your First Year 2012-13"

Visit the Academic Adelphi website for the online version or to download the PDF.

Academic Adelphi: Your First Year

If your college years are supposed to be a journey, then Academic Adelphi is the map to a successful first year at Adelphi. Academic Adelphi is your guide to planning your education at the University and is meant to save you time by providing the information that you will need during your undergraduate years, in one convenient place.


  • Getting Started at Adelphi
  • Orientation and Academic Advising
  • General Education Requirements
  • Majors/Minors and Course Requirements
  • Schedules
  • Academic Rules and Regulations
  • Academic Opportunities
Adelphi University New Student Handbook

Download the New Student Handbook

(PDF 11MB)

New Student Handbook

The New Student Handbook is designed to help you make a smooth transition into life at Adelphi University. Inside you'll find information on academic life, on-campus services, student organizations and clubs, athletics, financial aid, and much more, all meant to help answer any questions and solve any problems you may have, from your first day on campus to your graduation day.

Contents include:

  • Orientation
  • Registration
  • Academic Life
  • Academic and Career Planning
  • On-campus Services
  • Residential Life
  • Commuter Student Life
  • Cocurricular Life
  • Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Information Technology
  • Financial Information
Graduate Assistant Handbook Image

Download the Graduate Assistant Handbook

(PDF 109KB)

Graduate Assistant Handbook

This handbook provides information on policies, procedures, and resources related to graduate assistants and their employment. As a part of an effort to attract talented students, several types of positions are available to students working toward a graduate degree at Adelphi.


  • Nature of Appointment
  • Types of Graduate Assistantships
  • Conditions of Appointment
  • Stipends and Benefits
  • Confidentiality/FERPA/Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • Resources and Services of the University
  • Overview of Available Graduate Assistantships
Guide to Student Life

Download the Guide to Student Life

(PDF 19.3MB)

Guide to Student Life

The Guide to Student Life is here to acquaint students with services, policies, and opportunities. Above all, take full advantage of attending Adelphi and get involved in the life of the University.


  • Academic Calendar
  • The Adelphi Story
  • Directory of Locations
  • Clubs and Activities
  • Athletics and Recreation
  • Resources and Services
  • Campus Safety
  • Garden City
  • University Policies
Cover of "2011-2012 Guide to Residential Life"

Download the Guide to Residential Life and Housing

(PDF 2.9MB)

Guide to Residential Life and Housing

The Guide to Residential Life and Housing is here to acquaint students witj the housing policies. Students living on campus are required to adhere to all policies regarding residential housing.


  • Residence Halls
  • The Staff
  • Room Assignments
  • Your Roommate(s)
  • Food Services
  • Moving In
  • Moving Out
  • Living in a Community
  • Your Advantages
  • Resources and Services
  • Garden City
  • New York City

Cover of "International Student Guidebook"

Download the International Student Guidebook

(PDF 4.8MB)

International Student Guidebook

This guidebook will give you basic information about life at the University, in the local area, and in the United States. We have included information from a variety of sources and hope that its contents will help make your adjustment period a very short one. We also hope that it will make you become familiar with the role of the Office of International Student Services and its services to students.

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