Registering for the First Semester

A step-by-step approach to registering for your first classes.

1 Think about classes you have taken in the past and what you would like to gain from your college experience. What kind of classes did you like best in high school? What subjects were you least interested in? What skills would you like to develop?

Complete the 1st Advising Meeting Worksheet (PDF) before your advising meeting at Orientation. This worksheet will help you reflect on your academic interests and determine what areas you may be interested in studying.


Review the General Education Requirements explained later in this section. Keep in mind that you will take the First Year Seminar and First Year Orientation Experience (or the equivalent if you are in a special program such as the Honors College, Levermore Global Scholars or General Studies Learning Community) courses during your first semester. You may also take the Art and Craft of Writing which should be completed your first year at the university.


Familiarize yourself with the academic areas of study. Look through this book and the university website. If you have never heard of an academic area like Sociology or Political Science, checkout the department webpages. You may be interested in a course in one of these disciplines.

5 Setup your eCampus account and browse through CLASS. eCampus gives you access to information, services and applications at Adelphi. Enter CLASS through your eCampus account to access your course registration, transcript and more.

Write down a few of the courses you are interested in taking and any questions you have for your academic advisor. Most students register for 13-16 credits their first semester. All students need a minimum of 120 credits to graduate so you should average 30 credits per year to graduate in 4 years.


Organize previously earned credits: make sure you have submitted any necessary paperwork to the university concerning AP courses or courses taken for college credit during high school. If you are planning on taking Calculus, you have to take a math placement test (contact the math department at 877-4480).


Tell your advisor if you are an athlete. This is important information so advisors can coordinate classes that do not interfere with practice.


Talk to other students at Orientation about courses they are interested in taking.


Meet with an advisor at Orientation. Give your advisor your completed 1st Advising Meeting Worksheet (PDF). Be sure to ask lots of questions and have an open mind towards course selection. As a freshman you may not get every course that you want, but your advisor will help you make wise choices. Remember that flexibility is very important when you plan your academic career.


Review the courses you have selected and consider the number of hours you will be in class, the time outside of class you will need to study and any other obligations you may have. Time management will be one of the most valuable skills you will need to master as a successful student!



For further information, please contact:

Office of Academic Services and Retention
Nexus Building, Room 145
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