Student Responsibility

Students are responsible for academic and social aspects of campus life.

Adelphi University is an academic community dedicated to research, scholarship, teaching and learning. When you accepted admission to this community, via your decision to attend Adelphi University, you accepted important responsibilities as a new member of this dynamic community.

It is the responsibility of all University members to uphold behaviors of, and to exercise the rights of, individuals in a community valuing academic exploration, honesty and integrity. The University has a strong commitment to your success and believes encouraging these responsibilities will work towards ensuring your success at the university as well as preparing you for life after your undergraduate experience.

Keep in mind that college is a new beginning and, regardless of your past academic experiences, you now have the opportunity to start off on the right foot! You can set yourself up for success by learning good organizational skills and making educated decisions. To do so, you must become familiar with the university rules and regulations discussed in this section. This also means knowing when assignments are due, how to get extra help and preparing in advance for assignments and exams.

When you register for a course you begin a contract that is further explicated in the course syllabus to engage in course work and fulfill requirements (attend lectures, participate in labs, submit papers at a scheduled time, etc.). Take this agreement seriously and work closely with your professors to complete the work set before you. You should talk with your professors beyond the allotted class time, visiting them during office hours, communicating through email, etc. 

All students are responsible for knowing the university Honor Code (see Appendix of this book). Any breach of academic honesty undercuts the free exchange of ideas and scholarship that lies at the heart of the university’s mission. You should consider yourself part of a community of scholars now. This is very different than your high school experiences. You will be working alongside researchers and individuals currently practicing in their fields of expertise. You are expected to do uphold ideals of academic integrity and encouraged to contribute to the academic community.

Much of your learning at the university will occur outside of the classroom. You will interact with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. You will need to learn time management skills so that you may go to class, study, see your friends, work an on-campus job, join a club, etc. You will be expected to complete tasks and make decisions you may have never done before. Even administrative tasks such as paying a tuition bill or ordering textbooks are learning opportunities for freshmen. We encourage you to complete many of these administrative tasks associated with college on your own to help establish a sense of independence and autonomy. Through these day-to-day interactions, you will become further acquainted with the university and will soon know where to go when you need help.

Continue reading through this section to become familiar with many of the new responsibilities placed before you. Complete the worksheet, Reflecting on Your First Weeks of College, to set your goals for the remainder of your first semester and to take advantage of the resources available to you.

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