Tips for Student Success

Set yourself up for success!

Prepare for class. Know where and when your classes meet. Arrive on time and know your professor’s name. Complete class reading before the class.

Get to know your peers. Have a friend in each class you can call if you are absent or would like to study with someone.

Get to know your professors. Visit your professor during office hours and ask questions before, during and after class.

Go to class. This may seem like an obvious one but you will surely be tempted to skip a class at one point or another. Remember that often professors will go over information in class that may not be covered in the reading and that you’ll need to know. Also, class participation is essential to your learning!

Seek a balance. You will have many new, exciting social and academic opportunities at college. It is important that you participate in both but seek a balance.

Utilize university resources. Resources such as the Writing Center and Learning Center were specifically designed with you in mind! If you just go to class and go home, you are not making the most of your college education.

Experiment. Most freshmen have certain requirements they must take during their first and second semester but if your schedule permits, you may have room for electives. Pick a subject that is new and intriguing!  For example, take an introductory course in a subject matter that you’ve never heard of before or that you’ve always wondered about but never got to study.

Develop all of you. Perhaps you are attending Adelphi in order to land a great job or further your education by applying to graduate schools. If this is the case, then you must do more than get an impressive GPA during your years at Adelphi.  Broaden your vision.  Volunteer. Get work experience. Check out research and internship programs.  Involve yourself in student life.  Leave Adelphi as a well-rounded person.

Expect to be challenged! You will need more time to study than you have ever needed before. Plan accordingly.

Have high expectations. Set goals for yourself and take pride when you meet these goals. If you fall short, do not berate yourself. Reflect on the situation and determine how you can be successful next time.

Don’t feel pressured to make a hasty decision about your major or career.

Take responsibility. This is your time and your college education. It is up to you what you make of it; so, take responsibility for your actions and make informed decisions.


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