College Science Advancement Program (SAP/NYS CSTEP)

SAP/NYS CSTEP raises the academic success rates of underrepresented groups entering into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics careers and licensed professions by preparing students to excel. SAP/NYSCSTEP’s close collaboration with businesses, faculty and Adelphi support services provides students with research opportunities, mentoring and successful transition to higher level studies or entrance into careers.

Program Services

SAP/NYS CSTEP provides academic enrichment and research experiences in STEAM content areas. Projects consist of academic year and summer components including:

  • All activities are optional and do not required additional coursework
  • Summer preparation workshops to help students succeed in gateway courses
  • Academic year activities including a variety of workshops, STEAM subject material support, research opportunities, industry connections, mentoring and community building activities
  • Orientation extension specific to NYS CSTEP preparation

NYS CSTEP Results in New York State

  • Over 70% of NYS CSTEP students matriculate in STEM and health related fields
  • Over 5,500 underrepresented and economically disadvantaged students participate annually in NYS CSTEP
  • NYS CSTEP seniors graduate at a higher rate than non-NYS CSTEP peers
  • NYS CSTEP graduates pursue graduate programs and licensure at a higher rate than their non-NYS CSTEP peers.
This program is funded by the New York State Department of Education.

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