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Language Requirement

Learn to communicate on a global scale.

Only for BA in College of Arts and Sciences

The language requirement is part of Adelphi’s mission to prepare students to be informed and culturally sensitive citizens. Knowledge of more than one language and familiarity with more than one culture will become increasingly important in the world of the 21st century for professionals in every field.

Who Needs to Complete the Language Requirement?

All students working toward a BA degree (including STEP and transfer students) and all students in the Levermore Global Scholars program must meet the language requirement. Students who change from a BS to a BA program must then meet the language requirement for the BA degree.

What do You Need to Complete the Language Requirement?

By the time they graduate, students must demonstrate proficiency in their chosen language at a fourth-semester level.

Language Exam Requirements

All students with some knowledge of a second language are asked to take a placement exam, which will determine your language skill and place you at the correct level. Please note: The test is for placement purposes only. Placement tests are offered in the following languages:

If you feel you are already proficient in one of the above languages, or have placed above level IV in the placement test, you must take the proficiency test on campus in the department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

For other languages not taught in the department please contact the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s office.

  • If you began taking a language in high school which is also offered at Adelphi, your placement test will determine how many semesters of the language you will need to take to satisfy the requirement. For example, if you place into Level II, this means you need three semesters of language to complete the requirement (Levels II, III and IV). Keep in mind that high school and college language levels are very different.

  • If you have taken an AP language exam, please consult our Advanced Placement Credit chart for credits allowed.

  • If you scored above Level IV on your placement test, or if you feel you are proficient in a language, you may take a test for proficiency in the language lab, located In Science Building 216A. This test must be supervised.

  • Demonstrated completion of three years of high school education in a non-English-speaking country will satisfy the requirement.

When Should I Take Classes Toward the Language Requirement? 

It is recommended that students begin working toward their foreign language proficiency within their first 30 credits at Adelphi. Students are urged to complete the Language requirement in consecutive semesters if possible, as gaps in language instruction tend to affect student performance adversely.

» Read Frequently Asked Questions about the Language Requirement

Though the College of Arts and Sciences requires four semesters (or the equivalent) of a language, all students are encouraged to go beyond that requirement and to deepen their knowledge of another language, its literature, and its culture. Students have found that majoring in a language or adding a language minor greatly enriches their educational experience and provides them with a solid base of knowledge and skills that enhance future studies and career. The study of a language focuses the student on a means through which a culture organizes the world and reality.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Sara Aponte-Olivieri
Department of Languages, Literature and Cultures
Alumnae Hall, Room 105
p – 516.877.4057
e –

Ruth McShane
Assistant Dean of Arts and Sciences
p – 516.877.4121
e –

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