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Adelphi University’s wide variety of undergraduate programs provide students with extensive knowledge and skills in their particular disciplines. Also part of the mission of the University is to provide its students with the skills and knowledge that all individuals need to lead good and productive lives and to become valuable citizens of their communities. These aims are addressed explicitly in the General Education program, a set of course requirements designed to ensure that Adelphi graduates have the knowledge and the skills to be successful throughout their lives.

The General Education Program consists of a series of courses designed to provide students with important academic skills, a broad and rich educational experience and an appreciation for university life. The requirements are designed to help students become educated participants in our society by preparing them to meet the challenges of the present and the future.

Students must fulfill the General Education requirements to graduate. It is suggested that students complete the requirements within the first two years of study.

First-Year Student Requirements

(Unless enrolled in the Honors College, Levermore Global Scholars, or General Studies Learning Community which have their own set of required courses.)

  • First Year Seminar (FYS) (0952-110)
    This four-credit course introduces first-year students to intellectual life at Adelphi University by providing them with a learning experience that exposes them to exciting and challenging ideas in a seminar format with professors teaching in their area of expertise. Learn more about the First Year Seminar.
  • English Composition (ENG 0122-107) (0952-110)
    Taken in the first year, this three-credit course helps develop and improve writing skills that are essential to clear thinking and to success in college and beyond.
» See the University Bulletin for a detailed explanation of requirements

Course Distribution Requirements

  • Two courses in the Arts (A)
  • Two courses in the Humanities (H)
  • Two courses in the Social Sciences (SS)
  • One course in Natural Science (NS)
  • One course in Formal Science (FS)

» Learn more about Distribution Areas

Learning Goals

  • Two course in Communication. One may be in Oral Communication (CO). At least one must be in Written Communication (CW)
  • Two courses in Quantitative Reasoning (Q)
  • Two courses in Global Learning/Civic Engagement (G)
  • One course in Information Literacy (L)

» Learn more about Learning Goals

Capstone Requirement

Every undergraduate is required to complete a capstone course or project as part of the major. See the section at the end for a fuller explanation. The specific capstone requirement for each major is given in the program of study for the major.

Our intention is that these requirements will both insure that all students receive some instruction in these areas, and focus students’ attention to the teaching and learning in these areas that occurs in many of our courses. 

Download General Education Requirements Worksheet (PDF) 

» See the University Bulletin for a detailed explanation of requirements, including:

  • General Education Requirements for first year students beginning at Adelphi in fall 2011 and after and for transfer students beginning at Adelphi in fall 2012 and after
  • General Education Requirements for students who began at Adelphi as first year students prior to fall 2011 and for transfer students who began at Adelphi prior to fall 2012
  • Transfer Student exemptions
  • Undergraduate Language Requirements
  • Undergraduate Capstone Requirement

Please Note:

  • A student must complete at least 30 credits in courses carrying a General Education designation.
  • Courses often teach and assess more than one University Learning Goal; students may satisfy up to 2 learning goals in any single course. 
  • After a student matriculates at Adelphi, courses taken at other institutions may not be used to fulfill a Learning Goal requirement.
  • The letters in parentheses above, for example the “(SS)” after “Social Sciences”, are the codes used in course listings to indicate which distribution and/or learning goal requirement(s) a course fulfills. The numbers of credits and courses required to fulfill General Education requirements for the above students are variable because a single course may fulfill up to two Learning Goal Requirements and one distribution requirement, and because the requirements are for courses rather than credits. Courses that fulfill the above requirements appear on a list on our web site and may be searched for on course listings, in CLASS or in Course Search, all accessible via eCampus.

For further information, please contact:

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Interim Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
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p - 516.877.4140

General Education Office
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