Academic Resources

We offer a variety of resources to our students.


At the beginning of each course, the instructor will provide a syllabus: a written description of the course, a listing of assignments, a statement of course policies regarding absences and grades, and a schedule of tests. Make sure that you receive—and save—a syllabus for each course. Many instructors also post their syllabi online.

progress reports

Adelphi uses Progress Reports to help identify students who may show signs of academic distress. From the beginning of the term, all instructors, look for indications which may include: 

  • frequent absences/lateness to class
  • poor class participation
  • failure to complete assignments

The library

The Library provides many resources including help with research and other support. 

Learning Center

The Learning Center conducts tutoring sessions, workshops, and review courses designed to help you achieve your full academic potential.

Mentoring program

Faculty can discuss their concerns with students individually, speak with the student’s assigned academic advisor, or call the Office of Academic Services and Retention.

Instructors teaching undergraduate courses are required to indicate those students exhibiting signs of academic distress and note their specific academic problems. An email will then be generated to the student and student’s advisor indicating their concern.

If you receive an Progress Report email:

  • see it as an opportunity to change, not a reason to give up
  • ask your instructor what you need to do to improve
  • discuss your situation with your academic advisor
  • consider seeking support from the Learning Center or Writing Center or Library

Student Counseling Center

Students often face many stresses and pressures that can affect their academic work and their personal relationships. The Student Counseling Center offers a variety of services to Adelphi students, including individual and group therapy, consultation and assessment, crisis intervention, and referrals to both on and off campus resources.  The Center also offers confidential counseling to students concerned about drug and alcohol abuse issues.

Center for Psychological Services

The Center for Psychological Services offers psychotherapy and psychological testing to Adelphi students, staff, and the surrounding community. Professional and confidential services are provided without fee to member of the Adelphi Community.

Student ACCess OFFICE

Students with documented physical, learning, or psychological disabilities may request accommodations through the Student Access Office. Assistance is free of charge and all requests for accommodations are confidential.

Health Services

Students who are ill can seek help from Health Services at any time. If a student needs to see a doctor Health Services can help make an appointment.

Degree Audit

Degree Audit is an online program accessible through the eCampus Services tab. It is an academic advisement tool designed to help you understand the degree requirements for your major. It compares a student’s coursework with general education, major and minor requirements.


Academic Deans are available in each academic unit to assist students with any questions, concerns and administrative functions related to their course of study in their department. 

There is also the Dean of Student Affairs who is responsible for co-curricular offices, functions, and activities that relate to student life, including athletics, commuter students affairs, dining services, drug and alcohol counseling, health services, interfaith activities, international student services, judicial affairs, multicultural affairs, orientation, residence halls, student access office, student activities and student counseling services.

The deans rely on associate and assistant deans, directors and chairs to oversee the progress of students in their particular academic units. If you have an academic problem, wish to file a petition to obtain a waiver of an academic rule, or need help outside of your major, contact the appropriate associate dean, assistant dean, chair or director.


For further information, please contact:

Office of Academic Services and Retention
Nexus Building, Room 145
p – 516.877.3150

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